If you forgot to wish birthday to your friend or relative, use these happy late birthday wishes with his/her name. Put a sweet smile on their face.

Say sorry to your loved one for late birthday wishes. It's not too late. Better than never. If you want to make your late wishes acceptable. Then you should try our free collection of belated birthday wishes. By using which you can write name and photo of the celebrant on it. This process will make your greetings more stunning and special.

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Birthdays are the special days. On this day you try to express your feelings with your celebrant. And the celebrant also waiting for your wishes. What do you do if you forget to wish birthday? You feel terrible, but you don't ignore if you missed. You must do something extra special for him/her. Make them feel special and happy. It's not too late. Pick up the happy late birthday wishes with name and photo of the celebrant and share. Say sorry for late birthday wishes. Believe me, your late wishes will be acceptable and she/her will forgive you. Try it.